Sun Star 5212

Sun Star model 5212
1953 Volkswagen Karmann Cabriolet – Metallic Beige
Limited Edition 2000pcs

sun star 5212

Following on from their models of the 1950 Beetles, Sun Star’s models of the 1953 saloon and cabriolet faithfully replicate the many changes which the Beetle had undergone. By far the most noticeable is the replacement of the old two-part rear window, usually referred to as the Brezelfenster (pretzel-window), by a new, oval window which was 23% larger.

sun star 5212

Internally, the new dashboard had lost its left-hand glove-box, the remaining glove-box had a lid which was opened by a push-button and a central ashtray with a small handle was added to the centre. The indicator was moved to a stalk mounted on the left side of the steering column. A Wolfsburg crest was added to centre of steering wheel. In the engine compartment, the fuel filler cap had been widened from 40mm to 80mm and the original, mushroom-shaped air filter had been replaced by an oil-bath filter.

sun star 5212

Externally, the main changes were the addition of a Wolfsburg crest to the bonnet and a T-handle to the engine cover. The bumpers were now deeper with overriders, and the horn had been removed from the front bumper and concealed in the front wing behind an oval decorative grille. Quarter-lights with lockable catches had been added to both doors.

sun star 5212

sun star 5212

sun star 5212

sun star 5212



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